rates cutz 2019

Director Stylist - Jason Muir

Creative Stylist - Pip Adam

Head Technical Colourist & Video - Milan Maric (www.sittl.co.nz)

Assistant Colourist & Video - John Lake Photography

Head Installation Shampoo'ist - Luke Hassell

Creative Installation Shampoo'ist - Jacob Paterson

Reception Manager - Barbarian Productions

Receptionist Assistants - Jane Yonge, Claire O'Loughlin, Michaela Evans, Dylan Taylor & Waylon Edwards

With the support of the Wellington City Council Public Art Fund, Rates Cutz 2019 used its unique blend of theatre & visual arts to create 2 days of outdoor pop up conversation hair salons.


We offered Wellingtonians free haircuts in exchange for conversations around the immediate local body elections, the issues surrounding it for them & how they felt about the system at large. We presented ourselves in inviting & open public spaces in order to create some much needed energy towards local body politics. This created a unique arts experience that is used to encourage people to participate & think about political discussions in a different way. 


Our conversations are always enlightening & engaging so it is a pleasure to have been able to capture, curate & share 3 short video offerings titled ‘Splices’ - Issues, Engagement & Participation