KAIKOura Kutz

Political Cutz was invited to participate in Shared Lines: Kaikōura Arts Festival in February 2019. This was our first chance to take the project to the South Island and more importantly to a rural, farming community.

We looked to rework how Political Cutz can exist with a minimal and therefore tourable set  working with just the hairdresser, a videographer, a mirror and a chair. This became the basis of curating one to one haircut interviews, set in scenic locations relevant to the client. The videos featured a diverse range of Kaikōura  identities. We also setup public, street installations to bring a bit of life to the streets and allow the salon to be experienced by passing locals and visitors alike. This all culminated in a stint at the Kaikōura A & P Show that provided fantastic interactions with the broader rural community. Finally, we had the chance to share our unique arts experience with a community that doesn’t often participate in diverse and contemporary arts offerings.


Kaikōura is a place that has had some major challenges in the past few years and we were fortunate to have the local community to share their stories of resilience.