CUtz'n'kōrero field days

The Terrace meets The Farm...


We will be joining the Enviromental Protection Authority at the 2021 Field Days at Mystery Creek, June 16th-20th, to present our 'Cutz'n'Koreo' to the rural attendees.

We will be offering free haircuts in exchange for a rural conversation. It's a chance to listen and share thoughts on environmental protection, innovation, and the future while getting a jolly good cut.


You can make an appointment here or drop by our stand - you'll find us at site no PD42 in the main pavilion.

As a hairdresser who promotes political conversation and spends my professional time working on The Terrace, I will attempt to be some sort of mouth/ear piece for the Government.

What does environmental protection mean to you..?

What would you like you land &/or country to look like in 30 & 300 years..?

How does the EPA & wider Government play its role in that vision..?

These conversations are bound to be rich in content and opinion, I look forward to shearing(lol!) along the way!

Anyone for a 'Fencers Fringe' or a 'Rattle ya Dag'..?


Watch our teasers below - some great cutz 'n kōrero already being had from the shearing shed and the hall

Award-winning farmers Becks and Richard Tosswill get a cut and kōrero with Jason